Slattery Training Services

As the online home of Slattery Sales Group's virtual coaching, training, and consulting, we offer two fantastic ways to get the best of Slattery.

The Slattery Sales Summit

This LIVE 2-day Summit distills the best of the Slattery method into high-impact actionable trainings you can immediately apply to your business to begin seeing enhanced results.

This LIVE 2-day event is:

  • Live training hosted in a virtual conference room (NOT a webinar!)
  • An intimate group with individual attention (because human connection is a highlight of our live events!)
  • Available as a replay for purchase (limited time only)

The Slattery Training Program

Our advanced program is built to provide ongoing coaching and reinforcement to elite sales professionals who want to see see a strong, long-lasting enhancement to their selling skills and results.

This 6-month advanced program includes:

  • Weekly live coaching to accelerate your opportunities
  • Private consulting on your differentiating value and competitive strategy
  • 24/7 access to the best of Terry Slattery's sales training

It's a great option for:

  • Experienced clients hungry for a skills refresher (We're excited to see you inside!)
  • Elite sales professionals & leaders who have almost no time and zero fluff tolerance.
  • Teams who need high-impact training at a lower price point.
  • Leaders who are checking out the Slattery method before rolling it out to their teams
  • New employees onboarding into the Slattery method

It's a great option for:

  • CEOs & Leaders seeking sustainable revenue growth beyond themselves. (We'll help enhance your strategic differentiation & process so results are replicable & scalable.)
  • Elite sales professionals investing in their own skills. (We'll further equip you to command high value and compete effectively in any industry.)
  • Sales Managers seeking high-impact support. (We're ready to equip you with efficient strategies so your forecasts are fiction-free.)