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September 29-30, 2022

10am PT - 11am MT - Noon Central Time - 1pm ET - 6pm London

Join us for our LIVE

virtual sales conference!

Learn the BEST of Slattery over two days of live virtual sales training, connecting, and networking.

SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2022

Block your calendars!

Join us from

anywhere in the world.

Sessions are Noon - 4pm (Central time) each day.

Be sure to bring a notebook and pen!


Since 1985, the Slattery Sales Group has been delivering our unique sales force training to over 2,000 clients worldwide — from one-person professional service entities to top-ranked, Fortune organizations such as 3M, Blue Cross, Philips and Wells Fargo.

We help companies increase revenue by transforming their sales processes and training their salesforce to dramatically increase their close rate and reduce the overall cost of the sale.

We're a father-daughter team of founder Terry Slattery and Jennica Dixon, working side by side to deliver the best of Slattery training, coaching, and consulting to sales professionals and leaders around the world.

What our clients say:

What you'll get at the Slattery Sales Summit:

  • The best of Slattery sales training, distilled into powerful actionable sessions and delivered live.
  • Live Q&A after each session so you get your questions answered right away and can start using what you're learning in the marketplace.
  • Pre-Summit guide delivered to your inbox with tips to get the most out of the sessions.
  • 5 days to watch the replay as often as you want, from anywhere in the world. (Because anything longer than that is a burden!)
  • Human interaction: this is NOT a big anonymous internet webinar! This will be done conference-style (cameras are optional, but they ARE an option).
  • Limited number of participants, so we can provide attention and answer questions.
  • Complimentary executive access; if you're sending a team, you're welcome to join our sessions at no charge.
  • Our famous summary card after the event, which recaps what we teach in a durable laminated little card you can bring with you on sales calls.
  • No upsells, downsells, order bumps, or nickel-and-diming at checkout; one simple ticket gets you everything.

Topics we'll cover at the Slattery Sales Summit:

  • Learn Terry Slattery’s concept of Wimp Junction® to help recognize and eliminate nonproductive sales behavior, especially during complex sales.
  • Identify the steps of the Prospect's Buying System, which are engineered to wipe out your margins if you wimp out.
  • Go beyond differentiators, features, and benefits to command premium value in the marketplace using Terry’s unique approach to Differentiating Value.
  • Control the conversation without dominating it, using classic Slattery skills to communicate with humility, nuance, and clarity so your prospect engages with you willingly.
  • Develop strategic responses to the most common stalls you get, using Slattery communication keys to effectively defend your value in any situation.
  • Learn the simple 9-step call flow to gather critical information on your sales calls, so you can “separate the intellectually curious from the economically serious” prospects.
  • Learn how to avoid bargain-basement RFPs by disrupting your prospect’s evaluation & decision process so that it places more value on your differentiators.
  • Take the fiction out of your sales forecasts, by tracking the right metrics in your opportunities.

Your Investment:

One day of live training (same material!):


One virtual Slattery Boot Camp (same material!):


One ticket to this Slattery Sales Summit:


Tickets are limited, so grab yours today.

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Who's a great fit for the Slattery Sales Summit?

  • High-achieving individual professionals who are looking to sharpen their already-great selling skills with a quick & efficient refresher of the BEST Slattery material. (We'll teach you simple ways to enhance & augment what you're already doing!)
  • Founders & leaders who are seeking to extract themselves from revenue generation to focus on leadership. (We'll teach you how to easily systematize what you're doing so sales becomes another process you can delegate!)
  • New salespeople who need a quick onboarding into the Slattery method. (We'll present the best of Slattery methods and concepts over 2 days of high-impact training.)

Nuts & Bolts

Start Date & Time:

Summit starts at NOON CT on September 29, 2022 and ends at 4pm on September 30, 2022.


Summit runs from Noon CT to 4pm CT each day. (You'll have the morning of September 30th free.)


Summit will happen in a virtual conference room on Zoom. (That's why tickets are limited -- this is conference-style, not webinar-style, so we can connect with the humans present.)

Ticket Price:


Deadline to purchase tickets:

8:00am CT on September 29, 2022 (but they may sell out before that!)

What to do next:

1) Purchase ticket(s) by clicking the button.

You can buy multiple tickets at once.

2) Register by filling out our registration form we'll email to you.

This is how we'll know where to send the event link and pre-Summit guide.

3) Bookmark the event link & add it to your calendar, so you can join us easily at the Summit.

Come prepared to take notes and ask questions!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you give me a discount for [insert special situation here]?

We teach how NOT to discount the valuable stuff you sell in our sales training.  If we discounted our sales training, you probably shouldn’t buy it from us... So, no, we do not offer discounts for this Summit.

Q: I'm sending a team; do I need to buy a ticket for myself?

Nope! We offer complimentary executive access for leaders who are sending teams of any size. Please do not include yourself in your team purchase.

Q: How will you send the event link to my team members?

After your purchase, we'll email you a registration form and we'll ask you to forward it to your team members. (It's best if it's sent from within the same organization, since our emails often get caught in spam nets.) Please ask all the participants on your team fill out this form! When they do, we'll send them event details.

Q: Do you still offer Slattery Boot Camps?

Yes – THIS is now our Boot Camp (same material!), delivered LIVE over 2 days in a virtual format.

Q: I’ve got a new salesperson; what’s the best way to get them trained?

THIS is the fastest, most efficient way to get your new salesperson onboarded into the Slattery method. 

Q: What are your other offerings?

We offer an advanced 6-month coaching program with more ongoing support and reinforcement. If you're interested in applying for a spot in that advanced program, please let Jennica know.

Q: What if I can’t make it each session?

There is 5-day replay access included in each ticket, so you’ll be able to catch any sessions you miss in the replay.

Q: Do you still have that training center in Edina, MN?

Nope!  When our clients went to virtual teams, so did we.  We had so many requests to deliver training, coaching and consulting virtually that we moved our business entirely online, and our clients have loved the efficiency of it!

Q: Do you still offer in-person sales training?

Sure!  We’re more than happy to discuss in-person group options for clients who have the space to host a live event, but (spoiler alert!), this Sales Summit will definitely be more cost-efficient.

Q: Is this another big anonymous webinar?

Nope!  We’ll be in a virtual conference room, not in a webinar; this means you’ll be able to turn your camera on, be seen by other humans, see other humans, and network in the chat.

Q: I’m sending a sales team; how will I know if they attend the sessions?

3 easy ways:

1. Agree with your team ahead of time that they’ll have cameras “on” during the Zoom sessions.  We offer complimentary executive access, so you can drop into sessions to verify your team is present by glancing at the gallery.

2. Plan to ask them at the end of each afternoon: “What were your top 3 biggest takeaways?” to make sure they're taking away insights.

3. Schedule a sales meeting for the morning of September 30th (between the 2 halves of the Summit!) to debrief what they’ve been learning; this is an awesome way to start putting the material into practice IMMEDIATELY and to strongly reinforce new behaviors.

We are so excited to have you join us!

The Fine Print:

  • Your results are YOURS, and depend on your behaviors; we cannot guarantee any particular results.
  • We have a 100% commitment policy (we're committed to showing up 100% for every purchase); there are no refunds.
  • If you're sending a team, we'll suggest ways to bolster accountability for the tickets you purchase.
  • We offer limited-time access to replays; there is no "lifetime access" to any of our material.
  • Everything we teach is our intellectual property, protected by either copyright or federal trademark; it may not be licensed or taught at your company, no matter how excited you are to roll it out internally after the Summit. :)