Slattery Training is the online hub of Slattery Sales Group's training, coaching, and consulting services.

Our parent company, Slattery Sales Group, was founded in 1985 to help clients compete more effectively in the marketplace of complex B2B sales.

Today, we deliver Slattery's virtual training, coaching, and consulting services in the Slattery Training Program.

Our passion is helping clients differentiate strategically, execute efficiently, and grow painlessly.

Our Services

Slattery Training Program

With our flagship program, we've combined the best of Slattery Training, Coaching, and Consulting into one efficient package.

Our best sales skills & process trainings (basic and advanced material) have been recorded and arranged in online modules that our clients can access any time, day or night.

Our live weekly coaching calls are 100% dedicated to real-time application of Slattery material; our clients bring their questions, deals, challenges, wins, and role-plays.

Our private consulting services are included inside the program, because we know that your strategic differentiation is the foundation of everything else in your sale.